Roslyn Inns 
                           ... a great place to getaway

The Little Roslyn Inn

The smaller of the three with room for six. The upstairs has two queen beds tucked away and the downstairs is perfect for a romantic getaway for two. A quiet back porch to BBQ or just star gaze. There is a full kitchen that includes fridge, oven/stove, microwave, dishes, utensils and cooking implements. 

We do supply bedding, however you will need to bring your own towels and showering supplies. We are able to keep prices lower by having you bring your own items. (If you are not able to then we can supply all amenities for an extra fee.)

We have new floors and have expanded the bathroom, and we are expecting to make even more in the following year.

Pricing can vary however base price nights are $58 a night before tax.

Sleeps a total of 3 couples comfortably and if everyone needs seperate beds then a total of 3 individual beds.

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